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Coast Salish Art by Direction 7 Art & Design

We are a group of people all belonging to Musqueam. We do traditional and contemporary Coast Salish art work on cedar and glassware.
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Coast Salish refers to the indigenous peoples located in the Lower Fraser Valley, part of Vancouver Island, Washington and Oregon. Coast Salish facts:

  • Their language was divided into four different groups 
  • Their lands were abundant with animals and greens and fish from the river. 
  • The aboriginal people's population greatly declined from diseases such as small pox when visited by the Europeans.
  • Coast Salish people used dug out canoes for fishing and to travel on the water to neighbouring communities. 
  • They used goats wool to make the traditional "Cowichen" sweaters and blankets.
  • The Salishan diet mainly consisted of salmon, sturgeon, berries, wild game and shell fish.  
  • Coast Salish people lived in longhouses that could be moved easily so they could move along with the seasons according to what they need; such as harvesting in the spring, fishing in the summer and so on.

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